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  • If you're not making chips, you're not making money!

    Jim Carr | CEO
  • We care about each other, we’re all members of the band and we’ve got each other’s back - it’s part of our Core Values at CARR.

    Jim Carr | CEO
  • I’m looking for someone who wants to work hard and be a team player.

    Jim Carr | CEO

CARR Machine & Tool, Inc. is looking for a CNC Machinist to join our team - be part of our band. We specialize in close-tolerance, high-end, precision machining. Our machines combined with our team’s skill sets can yield tolerances of ± .0005” or simply put, the accuracy to split a human hair eight times.

Our multi-axis capabilities allow us to bring these tolerances to odd-angled parts and sub assemblies, typically in quantities from one to 1000.


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About the Company

CARR provides a first-class experience for their customers and their employees. With expertise, a robust network and a keen attention to product care and communication. Since the late 1970’s CARR consistently has focused on these efforts along with the ongoing adoption of new technologies and innovation allowing us to move forward each day. We pride ourselves on long-term relationships that develop with our legacy clients and the ones of tomorrow. You won’t see us stopping anytime soon. We have a unique vision for growth.Attainable through a slick marketing campaign and plans to invest in new, high-tech, capital equipment, including five-axis machine tools.


1301 Jarvis Ave, Elk Grove Village IL

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